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Booth's Corner Farmer's Market

Please meet some of my friends at the SALE

These are some of my friends at the "SALE."

Rick Soloman

Rick September 9, 2005


I helped The Sign Guy make this sign for Rick. I have a collection of US Mint Proof Sets that I have been building on since the 1960s. I bought them from Rick when he was located at Briggs Auction.

Uncle John at the SALE
Uncle John's Attic

Uncle John said he "wants peeps to be able to find him fast and easy in any search engine...." I said: "I think I can establish a high enough profile for him, that like cream, He'll come to the top of all search engines.... I just need time for propagation...." So keep your eye on YaHoo, Google, WebCrawler, iXquick, Mamma, DogPile, MetaCrawler, and others.... We're propagating....
Uncle John, and Uncle Lenny wants me to establish Internet Web Presence for Uncle John's Attic.... We're evolving....

WOW! Look what happened to me on Friday, July 28, 2006.

Big Top Favorites

It has finally happened.... There are several candy stores at the "SALE." I was left alone, & unsupervised in the BIG TOP FAVORITES!
Please look for more about "Big Top Favorites" at the sale later, as I have been asked to establish Internet presence for this wonderful family owned, and operated business at Booth's Corner Farmer's Market.

John and Amos Esh have been operating one of the "anchor" businesses at the "SALE" trading as The Pennsylvania Dutch Woodshop (It was once called The Pennsylvania Dutch Barnyard.)

Building sheds, gazebos, garages, decks, household furniture, nick nacks, and ornaments for any room in your house or anywhere in your yard....

They have a presence on the Internet where you can shop their extensive catalog of fine furniture at this URL:

PA Dutch Woodshop

I bought this shed from the Woodshop....
The Pennsylvania Dutch Woodshop

Where's your sign? Steve is the Sign Guy on the lower level of the "SALE" and if you need a sign or banner fast.... He's good, he's fast, and he's not expensive....

Bill Penny

Bill Penny's Dragon
Mystical Gifts

4W5 Cafe
Polly's Pickin' Parlor

Art Mahaffey
Pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies 1960 to 1965

1362 Naaman's Creek Road, Bethel Township,
Boothwyn, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. 19061-1618
1362 Naamans Creek Rd. Marcus Hook, PA. 19061


I'm always here.... Even when I'm not!

Ever After Farm, Centerville, Delaware

Insurance Consulting & Planning
ART's ART Pallette

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Mama Mia's Italian Sandwiches