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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

I'm in a five year fight with cancer and I think I'm on the long end of the stick.... I'm a 63 years old veteran of the Army, Navy and Air Force. I served in Berlin, Germany during the "Cold War" with the HQ., & HQ. Co. second Bn. Mech. 26th. Infantry Regiment, 1st. Infantry Division. I was involved in the "Berlin incident" that occurred about one month before President Kennedy was assassinated, and I served in Viet Nam with the First Air Cavalry Division from July 1965 until December 1966.  
(I'll add more to this as time passes....!)

I might also include some information about my personal history: where I grew up, where I went to school, various places I've lived. If I have one, I'll include a picture of myself engaging in an activity I enjoy, such as a sport or hobby.

Jim Beaver at 4W5
Taking a break from "work."

I'm always here. Even When I'm NOT!

What a job!

When I'm not out running around, I'm usually out running around doing stuff....
I've done so much with so little for so long, I can do anything with nothing....
That's pretty much what I'm doing now....
So let's you, and me get together, and make something happen....

Navy Boot Camp was at GLNTC Camp Porter.
Army Boot Camp was at Fort Dix, NJ.
Infantry 11B AIT: Fort Dix, NJ.
TC 68J AIT: Fort Eustis VA.
I attended other ARMY Schools at:
Ft. Riley, KS. Fort Hamilton, NY. Ft. Benning, GA.
Air Force ATC Keesler AFB. Biloxi, MS.

I'm interested in quite a large variety of things... I enjoy performing on the Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Harmonica, and Tenor Saxophone. I play both European Chess, and Chinese style of Chess "Shung Chee."
I fix computers, (Troubleshoot, repair, overhaul, and upgrade.) and I give them away....

Since my hand injury in April of 1988 I have pretty much ceasd to perform in public.... I can still play the instruments however I'm not as good as I once was but I'm as good once as I ever was....



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Phone:    302   798   0195


Ever After Farm, Centerville, Delaware


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I'm always here, even when I'm not!

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